Paul Bolen Records With Butler Music Group

Nashville: Recently Paul Bolen finished production on a new project, produced by award winning producer Les Butler. "Meeting Les for the first time in person at “the family room” studios, in Tennessee, I knew from the start that this was going to be an incredible, amazing ride.  Les is so good at what he does. He hand picked the musicians that have taken my music to a new level.  Their talents are just extraordinary yet they are all “down to earth” and got along so well together," stated Paul Bolen. He added " I could not be any happier with the way my album came out. Truly amazing as to the gifts this guy possesses."

The album features numerous songs written by Paul Bolen and also features Nashville's top studio musicians. "I knew from the start this album was going to be good but as we got further into it, I was blown away how great it ended up becoming," stated Les Butler.

The project, "I'm Brand New" will be available in September of 2018. 

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